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Our History

Shiloh Christian Union Church was founded for the purpose of glorifying God through the making of disciples, the teaching of God's Word, and the meeting of needs in its community.


An entry in the oldest record of ShilohCU Church is dated April 3rd, 1905. It is written as follows:


March 4th, 1888

Christian Union Organization

I do hereby certify that on the date above in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Eighty Eight.

I, E. Johnson I did organize a class at Shiloh under the head of Christian Union.

Pastor of charge Rev. E.D. Johnson



The first church building was constructed during the year of 1893 and was dedicated on February 4, 1894. There were no walls in the church to separate classes. A group of men met for years on the platform for Sunday School and would stay there for the worship service. When the preacher said something really good, lots of ‘Amens’ would come from that group, so they became known as the ‘Amen Corner.’

The church had a seating capacity of about 125 people. At that time, an average Sunday attendance would be 50-60 and the highest recorded attendance is believed to have been 120.



On February 6, 1946, an era came to an end for on that day, fire destroyed the Shiloh Christian Union Church. As reported in the local newspaper, the area was experiencing the year’s worst blizzard when the recently installed furnace either overheated or was faulty and started the flooring on fire. Although both the Delta and Liberty Center fire departments were called to the scene, the fire was too far along for them to save any part of the building


An article in the Liberty Press on February 21, 1946 reads as follows:

“Roll Gaurdern says that the burned Shiloh Church will be rebuilt just as soon as weather and materials permit. I bet Roll will get the material and have the work done in a surprisingly short time. He’s that way.”

Many people, both from the church and the community, helped to rebuild the church and it was completed in 1947.



The second church was added onto several times. The final project was dedicated on October 2, 1967.



In October of 1950, land located 1/2 mile from the church was donated and a small house was moved onto the property to serve as Shiloh's first parsonage.

In 1969, The building committee broke ground on the church property for a new parsonage.



In 1974, the Fellowship Hall was built on the northern edge of the lot. This building has been used for many activities such as wedding receptions, class parties, youth activities, potluck dinners, community outreach etc. This building is a much used and much appreciated facility.



With attendance steadily increasing, the need was recognized for a larger building. The present building was constructed & dedicated in 1991.



Due to crowding, a long-awaited addition to the current church building was constructed in 2008 and has been greatly appreciated. Shiloh is now providing instruction and support for nearly 400 attendees and facilitates around 20 different classes during its Sunday School hour.



The church body gathered together to celebrate 125 years of Shiloh Christian Union Church. 


Throughout all these years, Shiloh has sent and supported Missionaries, developed discipleship programs, participated in numerous revivals, conferences, training programs, church-wide bible studies, community outreaches and 

seasons of serious prayer; its congregation has grown in attendance and in spiritual maturity.

The leaders and members of Shiloh Christian Union Church will continue to seek out what God expects from them and hope to continue serving in this community for as long as He allows.

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